First and foremost, collagen peptides are heat stable. Scientific and published studies on the topic show that collagen peptides are stable beyond 500 degrees Fahrenheit (572°F to be precise; water boils at 223°F). Literature on this question can be found here (this study is in °C). 

Our collagen peptides are hydrolyzed. This means that they are denatured by nature. This also means that they won’t need to go through a denaturalization process as your body and stomach digests them and therefore heat is not going to play a role here (note: above extremely high temperature as per above). The peptides are already broken down and made available for the body. You can find more here if you are curious about the hydrolyzation process.

Another relevant factor to take into consideration is the amount, proportionally, of amino acids which is found in the peptides you consume. The greater the amount, the more stable those elements will be when exposed at higher temperature. In our Multi Collagen, the amount of amino acids made available in very high and their nature (and quality) is at the top end of the spectrum.

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