This is the amino acid profile of the multi collagen powder in mgs:
Alanine 841 mg
Arginine 765 mg
Aspartic Acid 458 mg
Glutamic Acid 1003 mg
Glycine 2300 mg
Histidine 90  mg
Hydroxylysine 138 mg
Hydroxyproline 1168 mg
Isoleucine 122 mg
Leucine 260 mg
Lysine 330 mg
Methionine 90 mg
Phenylalanine 160 mg
Proline 1335 mg
Serine 315 mg
Threonine 194 mg
Tyrosine 60 mg
Valine 220 mg

Collagen contains high amounts of glycine, roughly every third to fourth amino acid in collagen is glycine and glycine is a key component in supporting your body's ability to also produce it's own collagen to support growth of new tissue, hormone balance, enzyme production.

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