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Products, Ingredients & Sourcing
Products, Ingredients & Sourcing
Why does the supplement "Vegan Collagen Builder + " not contain glycine?
The use of liposomal technology in general
Have the mushrooms in the Amen SBO Probiotic have been extracted? To what ratio?
Why did you choose specifically Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate) and Copper (as Glycinate Chelate). Also, why the added B. subtilis (2 Billion CFU)? Also, what is the sourcing for each ingredient?
What color should the capsules of the Bone Broth Collagen be?
Why does the color of the ADK Vitamin vary from yellow to white?
Why is the color of the Beef organs supplement a different color than the previous bottle?
How much iron is in your Multi Collagen Protein Powder?
How many calories are in each serving of the Multi Collagen Protein Powder Platinum?
Do you lab test your fish in the Marine Collagen Peptides for BMAA?
Is "methylcellulose" capsule the same as "vegetable celulose capsule"?
How much ORAC units does the Polyphenols Broad Spectrum provide in each serving?
Where is the omega-3 in the Eyes Vitamins sourced from?
Why did you choose a dry capsule over a soft gel form?
What is the amount of Calcium (amount mg/% DV) in one serving of your grass-fed bone marrow supplement that contains bone matrix, cartilage, and raw whole bone marrow?
Why are capsules of the Eye Vitamins different in color?
What does "This product is manufactured in a facility that processes fish” on the label?
I’m interested in the Women's Multivitamin. What type of vitamin K is it?
Is there a reason you include liver in your ‘Heart Glandular’, whereas some of the 'glandular' are just the specific organ? Also, is there a reason you don’t offer ‘Placenta’?
Is there histidine or histamine in the Multi Collagen Powder?
Where is our collagen sourced from?
What is the difference between the enzymes and the SBO probiotics?
Is all the blood drained from the cattle when processing the animal for your beef organ products?
What’s the iodine derived from?
Why collagen has sodium?
How many milligrams of spleen peptides (Tuftsin and Splenopeptin) does 1 serving (3 capsules) of our Beef Spleen contain?
What is the tyramine content for the fermented products?
Why is there Ashwagandha in our Multi Collagen Protein Capsules and Bone Broth Collagen?
Where does the Vitamin D3 come from in the Women's Fermented Multivitamin?
Why is glycine much higher than others and what are its benefits?
Are any of your ingredients sourced from China?
Is there any difference between the regular collagen, the mocha, and chocolate besides the flavor?
What’s the difference between the bone marrow capsules and the multi collagen powder?
Can you measure all of the enzymes in the Beef Pancreas?
Is the MK7 in Codeage vitamin ADK all trans of CIS?
Is Codeage Marine Collagen Powder Non GMO?
Why is the color of the SBO Probiotic + different than the previous bottle?
How much caffeine is in 1 serving of the Mocha Multi Collagen Powder?
How much grams of collagen in 1 scoop of the Marine Collagen?
Has the Marine Collagen Peptides been tested for the presence of bmaa (β-n-methylamino-l-alanine)?
Does Codeage Collagen have protein?
Is the ADK Vitamin fat soluble?
What are the mercury levels of the Marine Collagen Peptides?
Is the Multi Collagen Peptides Mocha sweetened?
Are your beef products undefatted?
How many mg of iron per Beef Spleen pill?
Where does the coffee from the Mocha Multi Collagen come from?
At what temperature is the Marine Collagen Peptides processed?
How is the collagen processed?
Where is the Mimosa Pudica Seed + sourced from?
What is the amino acid profile for the Multi Collagen Protein Powder?
Can SBO Probiotics be left outside in the hot weather for a whole day?
Are there amino acids in the Codeage Multi Collagen Peptides? What are they?
Is the Liposomal Glutathione Gluten Free?
What kind of cocoa is used in the Multi Collagen Peptides - Chocolate?
How much DOA or B Vitamins are in the Beef Kidney?
Why is rice flour in your the Bone Marrow and how much is in there?
Which types of collagen are in the Marine Collagen?
What are the benefits of taking all 3 vitamin A, D, and K together?
What is the difference between Beauty Tonic and Collagen?
What are the health benefits of Codeage Beauty Tonic?
Is Codeage ADK Vitamins plant-based?
How can you offer liposomal in capsules?
Is the Multi Collagen Powder gluten free?
What kind of fish is in the Wild Caught Marine Collagen Peptides?
Can you taste the fish in the Marine Collagen Peptides?
What is the percentage of Collagen in the Multi Collagen Powder/capsules product?
Is type II collagen supposed to be included with types I and III?
Is collagen good for both men and women?
Is there a difference between the Multi Collagen Capsules and Multi Collagen Powder?
Do you sell products that are non GMO?
Do you offer vegan supplements?
Where are the ingredients source from?
Why is the color of the Liposomal Quercetin Phytosome supplement a different color than the previous bottle?
What type of vitamin K is in the Women's Multivitamin?
Liposomal Calcium AKG elemental calcium amount
Why does the caps liner may have holes with vented heat induction liner?
Are your products Halal-certified?
Why is the Vitamin D, K2 & Zinc color pinkish?
How is your Vitamin C made? and is it made with sugar?
Does bioperine make the vitamin C even more bioavailable?