Our chicken is free range and sourced from the United States. The fish is wild caught and comes from North America and the bone broth is organic and comes from the United States. The egg shell membrane also comes from the United States. Our collagen can be sourced from different locations around the world. But just to be clear we have a lot of different ingredients in our products and the source of those ingredients used in the manufacturing of the product involves many vendors (due to the complexity of what we create), can be fluid, can depend on the market condition, availabilities and more. Some ingredients can be sourced only from a specific location while others are available from many others continents. What is important is that the manufacturing of those products happens in a FDA compliant and GMP certified facility here in the United States (Good Manufacturing Practice standards). Concretely, this means that each vendor and ingredients that the plant utilizes needs to be thoroughly vetted prior to becoming an approved supplier. It also means that the plant must employ multiple methods of testing and quality control during and after the manufacturing process for each ingredient, including in-house microbial testing, lab testing, FTIR machine for raw material identity testing, stability and heavy metal testing. Whatever the source of those ingredients (and they are many), they need to pass strident quality standards to be manufactured in a GMP facility here in the United States.

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